Thursday, April 14, 2016

Field Trip To The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence {Written By My Son}.

This is my Mama's son writing this blog post. I was going to a real war place where there was once a real war. I was going to see my best buddies and there were other people on the field trip too. When I got there, I saw them. When everybody was there we went to the place where they put gun powder into the cannons. Then we went to the place where they shot their guns. Next we looked at the tanks and the disappearing guns on land and water. After that we went to the cafeteria and that's were I met another kid. He was a mine craft fan.  The boy and I had a talked about the game mine craft. Then he went home and my friends and I played before we looked at some more canons and tanks.  Then my family went to my best buddy's house, but that is another story.

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