Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Cookie Exchange.

We have had a week of Christmas activities, which keeps us busy, but which the kids enjoy being a part of. We joined another homeschooling group that we've not been part of before. They put together a cookie exchange and had the kids act out the nativity story. I packed up the fudge I made and our kids got to be Joseph and Mary in the nativity play. We met at the Taipo Waterfront Park where the kids played at the playground and then performed at the amphitheater. Fun was definitely had by all and we left with the kids wishing they could play forever.

My two kids love getting together with other homeschooling kids their age. They love the friendships they have developed with them. Both of our kids are social kids and thrive off of relationships. It's also been great to see their relationship deepen while they are with other kids. Those two are a pair, always looking out for each other. Homeschooling groups for me as the parent are also a great opportunity to build relationships with like minded people. It's always nice to commiserate with other people in our same situation. To hear from them what encourages them and what they have to work on.

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