Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lice For Jesus.

Our first night in Bangkok, I thought I would treat myself to a two hour massage. For the first thirty minutes the lady who was working on me could not stop talking about how fortunate I was to have married such a good looking "farang" {or foreigner}. She told me about how she got into the business of massage so that she could one day meet and marry a foreigner. 

I paid for two hours of massage, but she told me she had just started learning massage work last month and did not know how to massage my upper body. So instead of the two hours I paid for, I ended up only receiving an hour and a half of work and a head of lice. 

Lice! WHAT???!!!! Yup. Pictures of cows? Yes, they are so much cuter than pictures of lice. Back in Chaiyaphum I had been crazy about avoiding lice. The team leader for the team that was with us wanted lice because she thought that meant she was truly showing Gods love. Well her wish was granted when the majority of the team ended up with lice. 

But when we got to Bangkok, I got lazy and washed my hair, laid on a public pillow for my massage, and ended up with eggs. We never did see any bugs, and by the time we landed in Hong Kong, there were no longer any signs of any lice in my hair. However, in Bangkok, it was an intense time of treating my head to disinfect myself. Thankfully, no one else in my family ever got anything and the person who was the most paranoid about getting lice, ended up with it.

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