Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wat Pho - The Reclining Buddha.

We hired a driver to take us from the guesthouse we were staying at into the city so he could drop us off in the general area of Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, and the Chao Phraya river. Our first stop was to explore The Temple of the Reclining Buddha - or Wat Pho as it's known in Thailand. The area was full of tourists. Many times when were out sight seeing in Chaiyaphum, I would easily pass for a local Thai and therefore get a considerable discount on the price of admission. However, in Bangkok, we did not feel comfortable doing deceiving people, so we always paid full price. Had I been a local, I could have entered the temple for free. 

As we entered the temple that The Reclining Buddha was dwelling in, we all removed our shoes so that we could view the statue that lies a little over one hundred and fifty feet in length. All of us visitors, filed through the temple in a single line, pausing to take pictures of the buddha that was laying down. On the backside of the buddha, people were saying prayers and dropping coins into copper bowls while they prayed. 

The temple grounds are impressive, with the two compounds and numerous chedis. We walked through the grounds and saw the spot they say Thai massage originated from. Since there is a school for the monks on one of the campus' we saw plenty of men in orange robes walking the premises.

The sun was hot and humidity levels were high, but with our tourist tickets, we were able to cash in for a free bottle of cold water. Cold water in Asia is never taken for granted, as many times we are served warm or lukewarm water. 

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