Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello Bangkok.

The first week we were in Thailand, I was sick and in the bed. The second week we were in Thailand, another team came from the United States and we did everything together. The third week we were in Thailand, we left Chaiyaphum to spend time in Bangkok and experience the city on our own.

In Bangkok, we stayed at the guesthouse and main headquarters for the organization of the home we worked at in Chaiyaphum. It was located outside of the main city area, so we had to figure out modes of transportation to get into the tourist areas. The first day we paid a driver from the organization to take us down to the palace area. That in itself was an interesting experience. Let me just say that my father said it best as I recounted our experiences to him, that a good business manager {and hostess at the guesthouse} for any organization is vital to keeping it running smoothly.

We enjoyed discovering Bangkok. Like the rest of Thailand, there were many aspects that reminded me of the Philippines. It is an interesting country, but being there just made me homesick for a good visit to Manila. 

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