Friday, August 7, 2015

Pa Hin Ngam National Park.

One of our final days in Chaiyaphum, our host family took our family and the team to Pa Hin Ngam National Park. It is a beautiful park full of interesting rock formations, gorgeous mountain top views, fields of Siamese tulips, and peaceful boardwalk paths through the forest and fields. 

We took a ride up to the top of Pah Hum Hod Cliff where we had an excellent view of the valley below us and the mountains surrounding it. There is nothing guarding the edge of the cliff, and my daughter kept scaring me with her no fear personality. My son, on the other hand, stayed as far away from the edge as possible.  

We then took a peaceful walk through the forest and down a wooden boardwalk between fields that earlier in the month had been filled with Siamese tulips. A few flowers were still in bloom and they are beautiful to look at, I can just image a field full of their pink blooms.

Our final stop in the park was to look at beautiful rock formations that seem to come out of nowhere. I was actually on the search for the Thailand version of Stonehenge, but this was something completely different. The kids enjoyed climbing around on the rock formations, and after letting them explore, we headed back down for a cool drink from a little store.

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