Friday, August 21, 2015

Chinese Opera Festival.

On our Hong Kong bucket list, attending a Cantonese Opera show was on it. On one of the final days that the Chinese Opera Festival was taking place, we took in a show at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. 

The show was excerpts from four different operas. As you might expect from the name alone, the operas were in Cantonese. We were able to follow along with the subtitles in English and Mandarin that were printed on television screens on either side of the main stage.

The set designs were simple and in their simplicity they were so beautiful. A thin sheer white curtain was used for the backdrop and a colored light that changed to a new color with each new act lit up the performers on stage. 

The performers wore beautiful traditional clothing with elaborately painted faces. The length of their hair was exaggerated, with the men's wispy beards coming down to their waist and the women's head of black hair falling to their ankles.

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