Monday, August 24, 2015

Goldfish Market.

We took our kids to the Goldfish Market and came back with two pet turtles. Yup, you read that right... there is a Fish Market here in Hong Kong. In true Hong Kong form, there seems to be a market for everything you can think of. The Goldfish Market is a whole street dedicated to many types of fish and all the accessories you might need if you have a fish.

Apparently in the Chinese culture, goldfish are a sign of good luck and often found in the homes of many locals. Chinese New Year, is a busy time for the Goldfish Market, with many people purchasing fish.

On both sides of the street, you can find shop after shop filled with fish, but every now and then a pet store with rabbits, mice, or puppies will be wedged in between. Although our apartment building does not permit pets, we figured that excludes fish or turtles. Now, my animal loving daughter is in pet heaven with her two tiny turtles.

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