Thursday, August 20, 2015

Homeschooling Multiple Kids In Less Than 400 Square Ft.

After so much prayer, discussion, research, and more discussion, we have decided the best thing for our two children for the upcoming year is to homeschool them. There were so many factors leading up to this decision, but what it truly boils down to is that we need to do what is best for our family and for the growth of our kids and homeschooling for this year is the answer. 

I am so nervous about what this means for me. I have never wanted to homeschool our children, simply because I don't know how much patience I can maintain with two kids on a constant basis. But for now we feel as though it is our only option and I must rise to the task at hand.

Put aside my own personal trepidation and I think it's crazy that we will be homeschooling multiple children in our apartment that is less than 400 square feet. Our home IS our school. There is no extra room allotted for us to have a proper school room. We don't have extra space {a guest room that we could convert, or a loft that we could make use of} to set up a school in, to hang up inspiring pictures and maps that are to encourage learning in our children.

I'm thrilled with the curriculum we have chosen for our children. It is a curriculum that allows me as a parent to clearly instruct the kids. Unschooling is not something I can do, and one day we will integrate the kids back into the public/private school setting again. The curriculum will allow their future school to have a good idea of what the kids have learned this coming year. As I type this post, our curriculum is being shipped to us via FedEx. We will begin school as soon as it arrives.

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