Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Hello Kitty Restaurant In Hong Kong.

A friend let us know on Facebook that Hong Kong had a new Hello Kitty restaurant in Jordan, so one Sunday after church, we headed down that way. Unfortunately they were just closing the lunch time crowd, and we did not want to wait around three hours for the dinner time slot to open, so we headed home. 

The second time we made it to the restaurant we aimed for 6:00 and arrived fifteen minutes early to a line that had already formed waiting for the doors to open. Once we were in line, a server came through and gave us a card with the number of people in our party. We waited until the doors were completely opened and were able to get seated right away in a corner booth. 

If you love Hello Kitty, this restaurant is the place for you. The food is all designed to resemble Hello Kitty. My daughter was in Hello Kitty heaven! From the chairs to the lighting, everything is Hello Kitty. Even the bathrooms had a male and female version of Hello Kitty on the door.   

When we sat down at our booth, there was a bowl of sesame seed glazed cashew nuts at every table. However, unlike the complementary never-ending bread sticks you get at the Olive Garden in the United States, these cashew nuts were a hefty forty-eight dollars. The menu was in Chinese, so I ordered our meal by pointing at pictures.    

The flavor of the food wasn't anything special, but the food sure was adorable to look at! How cute is all the different dumplings and dim sum, right down to our carrots shaped like the Hello Kitty silhouette. 

A good time was definitely had by everyone in our family. Yes, even my two boys enjoyed their meal at the Hello Kitty restaurant. 

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