Friday, May 15, 2015

Shopping For Fresh Fish Along The Sai Kung Pier.

My son {who likes to take goofy pictures} and I, stood for half an hour just mesmerized, without moving from our spot, by the transactions and the life that was going on along the public pier of Sai Kung. We were waiting to meet a friend to catch a ferry to a beach, and in the mean time the market that was taking place down on the decks of the boats was fascinating to watch from the side lines.

The pier was a busy place, with a lot of foot traffic. If a person wanted to purchase some fresh fish, they would peer over the edge of the boardwalk, and yell down to the person in the boat that they wanted to buy their fish from.

Then the customer would point down to the fish they wanted, and the person in the boat would scoop it up in a net to show them how "alive" the fish still was. Did the fish move around enough or was it just laying there cold. The more alive the fish was the better it was for the customer.

The person on the boat would then put the fish the customer decided on into a plastic bag, place the bag back into the net, and hand the net up to the customer on the pier. Out of the net came the plastic bag and into the net was replaced the money that they had decided on was fair payment for the fish.

There is so much activity going on, on the decks of these boats. With all the different tiers of plastic containers separating the different types of fish, the person on the boat would just step onto each level, in their rubber boats, to get across the boat deck. There was a chopping block set up on the boats with a solid chopping knife to kill and scale the fish. Water continued to flow through tubes throughout all the different levels of seafood. Like I mentioned before, it was a very mesmerizing sight!

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