Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Boys' Trip To Korea.

Living in Asia, makes it easier for us to hop from country to country on long weekends. So for the long weekend at the beginning of the month, my husband and son got the opportunity of a lifetime when they flew to South Korea for the weekend to see Paul McCartney in concert. Both of my boys are huge fans of the Beatles and they were both really excited to see Paul McCartney play.

My husband is much more adventurous than I am. He's not as particular about the places he stays at, nor the food he eats. He is up for trying anything. Since I was not along for this trip, he had more freedom to explore Korea in a grittier way than if I had been there.

They ate street food. They ate food in the fresh markets. They stayed in a "hotel" that had a shower head in the same space as the sink and toilet. They ate octopus that was still moving {my son had a courtesy helping and was not a fan of the octopus}. I love the face of the lady who sold the octopus to my boys. Her expression in the photograph makes me laugh when I look at it.

When asked what his favorite thing about Korea, my husband loved the market that they walked through. He loved seeing the food prepared there. There were piles of vegetables already chopped up for customers to purchase. Beside the octopus, they sampled potato pancakes, tteokbokki {which are spicy rice cakes}, and odeng soup {fish cakes in a soup broth}. They were mesmerized by the sundae {blood sausage}, but did not sample any.

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