Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eating At Buona Sera In Korea.

My first venture into the world of Korean drama was through a show on Netflix called, "Pasta". It was one of those shows that Netflix suggested for me based off of what I had been watching. I got sucked into the world of Chef and Goldfish and managed to binge watch the whole series in a couple days. After I emerged from my alternate world that revolved around the restaurant called La Sfera, I started watching as many Korean drama's as I could find.

You can image how bittersweet it was when my husband came home and surprised me with these pictures of their experience eating at the iconic restaurant. Man, I really wished I had been able to experience it too. But since I couldn't be there, I'm grateful my two boys were able to eat there for me!

My husband said the staff was so friendly at Buonasera. The restaurant requires their patrons to make prior reservations, but my husband was not aware of the rule, and the staff was gracious and allowed them to be seated and served anyways. They were seated on an inside patio that was open to the outside. The food was delicious, although my son did not care for the tomato soup which was really just the juice out of a tomato. They ordered steak, an eggplant appetizer, and a dessert tray that they could choose off of. 

Now my husband and I are off to watch a couple episodes of "Pasta" tonight!

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