Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Is Company. Three Is A Crowd.

If being in a large crowd bothers you, then Hong Kong is NOT the place for you! People are everywhere. Within the the city, you cannot go out with seeing people. This is no Blue Ridge Mountain experience where you're the only human in sight and you have to search out the company of other people. Here in the city, you are surrounded by people. It's apartment living. As soon as you leave your flat, you see your front doorman. Walk out into the street and you immediately are swept into the crowd walking the sidewalks.

I've learned I just have to go with the flow. The flow of the crowd, the unique movement found in a crowd of people. Finding peace in a crowd definitely requires a completely different frame of mind. Peace and tranquility is easy to find up in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. It's so calming to look out over the tree tops from the front porch of your log cabin on the side of a mountain. But peace and calm can also be found as a stranger in sea of strangers. You just have to look for it!

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