Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our First Pizza Delivery In Hong Kong.

These days, our family has been passing along a virus to each other. It's been going around at the school our kids attend. First our daughter was sick and we managed twenty-four hours of health before I got sick. Then it was another twenty-four hours of no one ill before my son came down with it. After a week of taking care of sick ones through the night {that can be interpreted as cleaning up vomit every couple hours throughout the night} I feel like I'm on jet lag and find myself exhausted during the day. 

Last night I was too tired to think of cooking and had no desire to eat out in a restaurant. Instead we decided to order in for the first time since moving to Hong Kong. Our life back in Myrtle Beach did not involve food being delivered to our front doorstep either, but during our university years there was a lot of pizza being delivered to dorm rooms.

We ordered a couple pizzas to fill up the required minimum purchase from the Paisano's branch in Tsim Sha Tsui. After an hour wait, a man knocked on the door of our flat and delivered the biggest pizza we've ever seen. That is one massive box. Even with our neighbor coming over to help us plow through this pizza, we still have plenty of leftovers.

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