Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Decorating.

I love Christmas. I love everything about this season. I love that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during this season. And while if we were living back in the United States, I would have already had a tree up in almost every room of our home, I did wait to put up our Christmas tree here in Hong Kong until the day after we celebrated American Thanksgiving last weekend. 

In keep with our tradition in the past, we would always wait to get our live Christmas tree until the day after Thanksgiving. Although there is no live tree this year, I waited to put the tree up. We had to move furniture around to make space for the tree, which is not an easy feat to accomplish in such a small apartment. It finally fit after trying several furniture arrangements!

This year there was no going to a tree farm or to Southland Nursery and Landscaping to pick out our perfect tree. Instead we loaded our family into a minibus which took us to MegaBox where the largest Ikea store in Hong Kong is located.

And instead of cutting down a tree and strapping it to the roof of our vehicle, my strong spouse grabbed a green bag with the tree collapsed inside, and swung it over his shoulder. {Alright, there was a little more finesse than that when my husband got our tree.} I picked out all the plain white Ikea ornaments I could see while my husband grabbed four boxes of string lights. 

We didn't notice until we were taking the lights out of the first box that these lights are all battery operated and do not plug into a socket. So off to the store went my husband to purchase batteries. 

I sorely miss my Silhouette Cameo, as I painstakingly cut out decorations by hand and then add glitter to the letters to make the "O Holy Night" sign above our couch. I've got some more decorating to do before I'm ready to call it quits. I must say, that it is so much easier to decorate a tiny apartment than a whole house.

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