Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hairy Crabs.

As I was walking through the wet market, I saw stalls filled with hairy crabs tightly tied up. I had read about this particular dish prior to moving to Hong Kong, so you can imagine my excitement upon my initial encounter with them.

I did my research on them {thanks to YouTube and other articles online}. I learned that there is a two month window when hairy crabs are at their best. In September the female crabs develop roe quicker and are consumed at the beginning of the season. The male crabs are eaten more often in October. There is a distinct difference in taste from female roe compared with male roe, and each person has their own individual preference.

Prices vary from stall to stall, as well as the quality of the crabs. It's fascinating to watch each crab get tied up into little bundles and placed in the woven baskets. Gloves are a necessity as you don't want fingers to get snapped by the crabs. Some vendors use string to tie up the crabs, while others use long blades of grass.

How fun would it be to get a group of friends together for a hairy crab party in the fall...

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