Monday, October 20, 2014

Taking The Tram Up To The Peak.

While our kids were on a week long holiday from school, our family tried to see a few tourist attractions here in Hong Kong. There was one day where the kids really wanted to take the tram and ride it all the way up to the Peak.  The Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island.

We didn't pick a great day for the view. We realized when we arrived at the top of the Peak that there was so much pollution over the city, so we didn't get to see too far and it wasn't a clear view. Looking out from the top of the deck of the Sky Terrace, the sun was hot and our kids started to wilt fast, but they perked up as soon as they saw Burger King. I did a silent inward groan as our family found our way into the doors of the fast food chain and sat down at a table, but I find that when you travel with children, you have to make sacrifices and sometimes it's better to compromise for the greater good of the whole family.

My husband and I weren't fully prepared for the Peak targeting tourists. It completely reminded us of being back home in Myrtle Beach! Everything was directed to lure tourists in to spend their money. A person that loves to shop would feel right at home at the top of the Peak.

Our two children enjoyed the ghoulish actors spilling out of the Fright Dome and walking among the tourists in an attempt to scare them.

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