Friday, October 17, 2014

Riding The MTR.

Fortunately for us, since we don't have a personal vehicle, we are in love with the public transportation system here in Hong Kong. In Myrtle Beach {South Carolina} public transportation was not used by many, and we, like most families had our own vehicle. 

Learning to use the train system took a couple times. The best way to learn something is to do it the wrong way first. There were a few times that we ended up on the right train line but going in the wrong direction.

Here in Hong Kong, they have this wonderful card called the "Octopus" card that you swipe to get in and out of the train stations, onto buses, and even if you want to buy groceries in the supermarket. Personally, we just limit our Octopus card usage to public transportation. Each person in our family has their own individual card and our children have special cards with cheaper rates for them to ride the system.

Once we mastered the train system and knew where we were going, we have loved getting from point A to point B this way. Just be prepared to stand in really close proximity with strangers during peak hours.

One morning, I was traveling the MTR alone and as I was stepping into the train along with the rest of the crowd, I felt my butt cheeks being cupped for a second. I looked behind me with my immediate thought that my husband must be standing behind me. Instead I see this sweet old lady pushing me further into the train car so that she could squeeze in before the doors shut. You never know what might happen in the subway!!!   

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