Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Umbrella Revolution.

As our holiday for Golden Week is about to begin, after the kids got out of school, our family made its way down to the Admiralty Center to watch history being made. Pro-democracy activists are taking a stand and making a statement in the streets of Hong Kong.

We were warned by my husband's coworkers and some of our family friends that it wouldn't be wise for us to go down there, much less take our two children with us. Friday night there was an incident of the police spraying tear gas among the crowd. But alas, we are living in Hong Kong without a nanny, and had no one to leave our kids with. Truthfully, we wanted our kids to be part of the experience.

We asked the kids if they had talked about what was happening in Hong Kong in their school classrooms at all. Neither of the kids were aware of why we were going to see what we were going to see, so after a brief explanation and my husband using Star Wars as an analogy, the kids were excited to see the protest rally... so excited that my daughter fell asleep {she woke up after a bit}.

When we walked out of the Admiralty MTR station and joined the massive crowd that was protesting, my husband and I were both struck with the peaceful and calm environment. You could feel the love and the sense of community among all the protestors. 

The crowd was huge and yet they were so organized. Individuals were sacrificially giving to the greater good of the cause. There were stations set up to recycle garbage. This particular gentleman was walking around cleaning up the street from any rubbish that might be laying around. Everyone was taking such good care of the environment and being respectful of their surroundings.

People were passing out free bread, prepackaged snacks, and bottles of water. They were really taking care of each other as a large community with a common goal. There was compassion and a politeness in each individual that we encountered. Yellow ribbons were being passed out that could be worn as a sign of support.  

Tomorrow is a government holiday. I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, but we pray for protection on the ones protesting and for favorable results for their noble goal.


  1. I LOVE that you would take the kids along, so important for them to see and learn about the world around them!

    1. Thanks, Ankie!!! We definitely want to keep our kids safe, but to also expose them to culture and give them a broader world view.


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