Saturday, August 2, 2014

Walking The Avenue Of Stars.

My husband is about to start orientation for his new job next week. That means we only have two days left of the weekend, causing me to panic since I thought it was just Friday instead of Saturday.

We took full advantage of the free shuttle service offered by the hotel we're staying at. The bus dropped us off right by the Cultural Centre and we walked over to the harbor with it's gorgeous view of the skyscrapers along the Victoria Harbor what seems to be the epitome of Hong Kong.

The heat was sweltering with no shade along the promenade. There was a sea of people walking along with a sea of umbrella's being held over their heads. Our two children are not accustomed to walking in this temperature and we did not make it all the way down the Avenue Of Stars. The sweat dripping off of the bridge of our noses and soaking our clothing was all the encouragement we needed to turn around and walk back. One day we will return and find the sculpture of Bruce Lee.

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