Tuesday, May 20, 2014


These arrived via UPS today! Who knew suitcases could be fun?!?!!! I am ridiculously excited about the eight suitcases that showed up at my front door and that I now get to fill. I'm cautiously filling them up. Sometimes I worry that I'll have too much that I want to take. We're only bringing clothing with us. But as I put in three pairs of knee length winter boots, I wonder if I should narrow it down and only be packing one pair. I've already pulled over fifty pairs of shoes from my closet that I won't be taking with me. I thought three pairs of winter boots was being frugal. Clearly it is not.

If you're a person who prays, I ask that you pray for the arrival of the kid's passports. We are being held up on our visa application because we're waiting for the passport numbers. It's getting a little too close for the time frame of when we're leaving. This is a huge prayer request.  

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