Monday, May 19, 2014

Time To Buckle Down.

We had a full weekend. A birthday party for my daughter. That's what I do as a job. Design parties. My house looks the typical aftermath of any event the day next day. It's not pretty. This was the time frame I gave myself to "relax" with the packing. The point where I said I could take my time packing. Now that this weekend is over, there are no more weekend guests on the calendar for awhile. That means I don't need to keep having my house remain homey. So now I'm taking pictures down from the wall. Cleaning out everything.

My mother figure down here in South Carolina, advised me to go methodically from room to room with the packing. She knew I was overwhelmed. I have the tendency to do a little here and then get side tracked and end up doing a little bit over there. She knew it would help me if I just worked through one room at a time. Finish it completely. And so that's what today signifies. The methodical packing. 

I need more coffee. And first I want to finish off this cake from the party!

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