Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Problems Become Magnified.

I love that husband of mine. The one that has chosen to pick our family up and move us to the other side of the world. Yup. That one. We met in university back in 1998 and started dating. College is such a fun time of a person's life. A time of discovery and exploring new freedom. {Picture from our dating years.} My husband and I really had fun together in college. We planned our schedules so that we only had classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Neither of us had jobs {thanks parents} which meant we had so much time to play! And play. And then play some more.

Fast forward our lives sixteen years and it's just not like that when you're an adult. It's not possible to play five days out of the week. Throw in two kids and the responsibility of being a home owner. All those regular mundane adult things. Add to that packing up ten years of your life. And trying to sell things. Yesterday morning our house looked like a tornado had come through it. It was a disastrous mess. And my personality does not handle mess well. I do not thrive in chaos. So I drank a couple mugs of coffee, called one of my best friends in Maryland to give me a pep talk, and started cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. I was packing boxes and putting them up. I was on a roll. It felt great.

Until my husband came home and looked at our window sill and noticed we have termites. Yes. Termites. So we called an exterminator right away and now we're dealing with that while trying to sell our house. Not good at all. When you're already living in a state of uncertainty and chaos, problems become magnified.

Today at my son's school they had field day. I came to watch him and to take pictures. I lost the cap to my lens. My husband and I were looking all over for it. Other teachers were looking for it as well. We asked the janitor to keep an eye open for it. Losing a lens cap is a small thing. My husband told me not to worry about it, we'd just get another one. But still... it was a big deal to me. Because problems get magnified when I'm already under stress. I left the school. We hadn't found it. But a couple hours later, my husband called. A teacher had found it in a bathroom. I hadn't used the bathrooms at the school that day. I'm not sure why it was in a bathroom. But it was found. It reminded me that God is in control. A little thing like that, but it was amazing to me that it had been found. I felt like it was a blessing from God to me. 

It's like this whole house thing with the termites. God knew we'd have termites right when we were selling the house and trying to move. God knew we'd have this additional expense. I'm not sure why we have this additional problem to take care of now, but I choose to trust Him, and just remember that He is in control.   

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