Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soccer. A Universal Sport.

A couple years ago when we decided to put our son in a team sports program, we chose to put him in soccer. There are other sports each season. Sports like baseball. Like football. But we chose to put him in soccer because we did not know where we would be moving to in the future, and soccer seemed like a sport that he could continue learning as he grew no matter where we were living.

For our son, playing soccer went against everything we as his parents had been teaching him at home. Now he is learning to be more aggressive on the soccer field. Over the past two years, he's become a better player. We're growing his hair out at least ten inches in order to donate to "Wigs For Kids". Which means his hair gets in his eyes when he plays. So we started pulling it back to help him see better during the game.

There's this martial arts soccer movie that my husband introduced to him years ago. Our son loves this movie. It's called Shaolin Soccer. My son thinks he's got super hero strength like the character Mighty Steel Leg when I pull his hair back into a pony tail and give him a headband. He's not afraid to go after the soccer ball and dribble his way through a group of kids on the other team.        

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