Monday, June 2, 2014

Feeling Convicted At Dunkin' Donuts.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I really feel like God's teaching me so many lessons during this time of my life. And when God's speaking so clearly to me, I definitely want to respond with a willing heart.  These lessons are little lessons and little ways that God shows me He's got this. That's He's in control. And even though they are such little lessons I'm learning, they are huge and character changing at the same time. If I allow them to change me.

Saturday morning, friends asked to take my daughter out for a girl's day. The girls in their family and my daughter were all going to get manicures. This left our son at home with my husband and I. So instead of packing and organizing and sorting and more packing, we jumped in the car and took him out for a breakfast date. I can't remember the last time my husband and I have both spent time alone with just our son.

While eating breakfast I ran into someone who had started attending the church we've been going to for the past eight years. They started attending the church at Easter, and I had had no clue they had been going. It wasn't an issue of our church being one of those churches that has a huge congregation on a Sunday morning. We just haven't been attending it. Which convicted me.

Remember how we had skipped out on the packing and organizing and sorting and more packing to have breakfast with our son? In my head I had told myself, "well we can do all this tomorrow instead of going to church". And then a nonchalant comment made in passing as we were parting ways... that comment of, "I'll see you in church tomorrow" had convicted me.

Sunday morning we found ourselves dressed and sandwiched in a church pew between friends. And after church we found ourselves eating lunch with friends. And then catching up with more friends we hadn't crossed paths with for a year.

We never touched a packing box Sunday. We connected with friends. I found it so refreshing. I was so thankful I put off packing a little longer! 

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