Monday, May 5, 2014

Learning A Few Things About Myself.

We got so much accomplished this weekend. I love having my husband home with me so we can dive into our list of things to do to make headway into our move to Hong Kong. Slowly but surely we are making progress. And sometimes I feel like it's more slowly than surely!

As I was packing away the set of china dishes that I have inherited from my paternal Grandmother, {Beppe as I called her}  I came to the realization that over the past ten years I have become somewhat of a collector in the area of china dishes. Whenever I visited a yard sale, a thrift store, or a flea market, if I saw a pattern I liked in a set of china dishes, I would purchase it. Aside from my set that my Beppe gave me before she passed away, I have a very eclectic collection of china dishes. And I can't seem to part with any of them! Enter rolls of bubble wrap as I boxed them up today. And enter several boxes to hold all my china dishes. 

I've also realized what a hoarder I am when it comes to fabric and scrap booking paper. For the rare occasions I would use it throughout the year, I could never let go of the remnants of either fabric or scrap book paper because I never knew if I could one day use it again! Fortunately I have a very understanding husband who just goes along with the flow and has learned to say yes to all the voices in my head!  


  1. Beppe. Your paternal grandmother must be Frisian. :)
    Love your blog.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Grannynanny! Yes, she was Friesian!


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