Saturday, May 10, 2014

Accepted For The Next Year.

When I checked our email this morning, I was excited to see that we had received the formal acceptance letters from the school our kids will be attending in Hong Kong. We are anxiously waiting their passports to arrive in the mail. We cannot move forward with a couple things until we receive the passports. 

We have been corresponding with another staff member from the school my husband will be teaching at. Her help has been invaluable. She's been able to steer us away from the red light district we had unknowingly been looking at and in the right direction as we try to find a flat before we arrive.

We've also purchased our suitcases off of Amazon this past week. We looked around for deals. We visited TJ Maxx since they have really good prices. We checked out Craigslist in our area and thought it was interesting people were selling their battered suitcases for about the same price as what we could purchase new.  But the most inexpensive suitcases we found were on Amazon. And my husband found that the best deal was found with bright orange suitcases. I would have preferred champagne colored luggage. Or even black. My daughter wanted pink. We waited a couple weeks before we checked Amazon again, and found that to our great excitement, there were black colored suitcases for the same deal.     

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