Thursday, April 10, 2014

Starting Over.

Initially, we are not taking anything with us when we make the big move overseas. The reason is because shipping would be so expensive. So it's what we can take in our suitcases on the flight over there. I feel a little nostalgic for my kids. My daughter just got a brand new wooden doll house that we haven't even had the chance to build yet. My son has boxes of Legos. How are they supposed to narrow down their toys to just a few to take with them? And you know what I'm going to miss the most from my life here in the United States? My hot glue gun! 

I'm scouring the Ikea website getting ideas for what to purchase when we're over there. Trying to prepare myself for what we need and what the cost will be when we set up our new home.We know Ikea is popular in the country we are moving to.

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