Thursday, April 17, 2014

School Interviews.

My husband and I are making this move primarily for our children to have, what we consider, a valuable experience. To better their lives and make them more well rounded individuals. They have traveled extensively in North America - primarily on the east coast.

One of the reasons we feel that this is a valuable experience for our children is the education they will be getting while living in Asia. We're looking forward to school uniforms - not having to figure out what they're going to wear every morning. We're looking forward to what they will study - how it will push them academically. We're looking forward to them being surrounded by a new set of kids.

We've been filling out a lot of paperwork for these two these past few days. Passport application forms. School application forms. Our kids have to go through an interview process to be accepted to the school we're applying for them to attend. That's a whole new experience for us. They've been attending the local public school, and this system seems so different from the one we're moving to. We consider these changes to be welcome and exciting changes that we're making.

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