Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Barnaby & Cornelius.

This is a story of two little bunnies. Barnaby and Cornelius. They were both sweet little bunnies. And they hopped around in our backyard. Happy to eat our grass. We never had to mow {that made my husband very happy}. They lived in the hollow at the base of our tree. They loved to eat the organic mesclun greens we gave them. They always stayed near each other, you could always count on them being just feet from the other or the were right next to each other. These were a pair. I could call them, and they would come hopping up to me at the sound of my voice. 

But with this move to the other side of the world, we had to let our bunnies go free. We didn't want to give them away to anyone that would keep them in a cage. We've never put them in a cage. We wanted them to have the ability to explore. So after a very tearful goodbye from our kids, we set them free to roam the woods.

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