Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Children.

We get so many different responses from other people when we tell them we're moving to Hong Kong. The responses range from being excited for us, being concerned for us, and many thinking my husband and I are just plain crazy. The majority of responses are immediately followed by concern for our kids. I completely understand the concern. They will be leaving what has become familiar to them. Their daily routine will change. Their environment will change drastically. As their parents, my husband and I have been preparing them their whole {albeit short} lives for this change.

We have encouraged them to value people who come from other cultures. We try to encourage our children to genuinely be interested in other people. That it is ok to be different from their peers. That they are different from their peers. We want to raise our kids to be confidant children. While still remaining respectful and polite to everyone they encounter.

My husband and I try to not place value on material possessions, and we are trying to instill this in our children as well. With the move, my son will still bring a set of Legos with him and my daughter is still bringing her American Girl dolls with her to Hong Kong. It helps our children leave their toys behind when they don't have one of every available toy on the market.

We want to have our kids try everything. Especially when it comes to food they aren't familiar with. My kids are typical kids. My son's favorite thing to eat is macaroni and cheese. My daughter's favorite is to eat a bowl of salad. But we don't cater to their palate. They have to try other food. If it's made at home. If we're in a restaurant. If we're over for a meal at a friend's home. They have to have a courtesy helping and they have to remain respectful with their response. We don't require them to like the dish. They just have to try it. And because my husband and I approach new foods and eating as an adventure, my kids now eat sushi, sashimi, curry, and my daughter will voluntarily eat the eyeballs of a cooked fish. They love food from that comes from other countries.  

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