Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Layover In Canada

This picture was taken a couple summers ago when my husband had facial hair, when I was growing out my bangs, and when we were on a holiday in Canada.

I haven't written yet that we've purchased our airplane tickets. Having the tickets in hand already, makes the move a little more definite. With the push of a button we had four tickets with a ridiculously long layover scheduled in Toronto. But instead of the layover being something to gripe about, we're looking forward to it.

My family lives in Canada. And so my parent's are reserving a hotel room for us near the airport for the duration of the layover. Since our plane will arrive in Toronto late in the evening, this will allow the kids to be able to have a decent night of sleep {hopefully!} and we will get the opportunity to see my family for one last breakfast before heading to Asia.

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