Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Having To Say Goodbye To This Family Member.

Moving overseas means a lot of goodbyes. We will be really sad to say goodbye to this member of our family. When we went back to being a family of just four again {two years ago}, I took the kids to the animal shelter to "look" at the dogs.

We really wanted a Golden Retriever. We looked at one dog, walked him around outside and took him to the play area. But at the time we also had an inside cat, and the employees of the shelter advised us against adopting that particular Golden Retriever. Instead they introduced us to this guy. The kids and I fell in love instantly and surprised my husband when he came home from work.

He may not be a Golden Retriever, but he has the best personality. That gentle demeanor and great with kids that we were looking for. Leaving their dog here in South Carolina is the one of the things our kids have shed any tears over.  

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