Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Being Willing To Say Yes.

There's a teaching position needed for an elementary music teacher at the school I went to in the Philippines. Both my husband and I felt like we should look into it. We contacted the school and filled out their initial application form. We've also contacted a different agency because we'd need to go out under them. This is a missionary position. That requires us having to raise support. Something that neither my husband or myself have felt like pursuing in the past. We find it interesting that each time we've contacted this other mission possibility, the other option we are looking at {in a totally different country} has reached out to us within a matter of minutes. Sending us emails just as we've sent ones out to the school in the Philippines.

One thing is for certain. This is definitely moving us out of our comfort zone and we're relying on God to provide in ways that we haven't had to experience in the past. Another thing is for certain. This picture has nothing to do with this post.  

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