Monday, May 16, 2016

Hong Kong Global Geopark of China.

I could definitely spend this whole week writing about our hiking experience of Hong Kong's Global Geopark, and so I will do just that. We had been wanting to make a trip out to this park for some time, but we were not sure how easy it would be to get back out of the park once we were finished exploring the area. We have had a previous experience where we were stuck hiking in the Sai Kung East Country Park. Fortunately we were there with our friends who live in Sai Kung and knew how to get us out, but we didn't want to repeat the experience on our own. I got excited when I saw an advertisement on an expat sight for a walking tour of the geopark, so on a holiday Monday, we caught up with the other members of our group and started exploring.

We took a taxi from the University station to the East Dam of High Island Reservoir where we learned about the famous hexagonal rock columns. 

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