Monday, March 21, 2016

The Philippines - It's So Good To Be Home.

Growing up as Third Culture Kid, I never know quite where to call home. Home is really where my family little family of four is, but then I come back to the Philippines and we stay at the house that I grew up in, and we walk around my old neighborhood and I realize... This. Is. Home. 

The Philippines with all of its grime and grit, the chaos of the traffic and the mass of people. This is what I associate best with and where my heart is most content. It's definitely a strange feeling to have those emotions rise to the surface again after being gone for eight years. My husband can tell a difference and it makes him happy as well. He tells me I'm more grounded in the Philippines. Having known each other 18 years, I'm more back to the person he met so long ago. And isn't that life? That home is supposed to bring out the best in you?

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