Monday, March 28, 2016

The Philippines - Hiking Taal Volcano.

Hiking Taal volcano was definitely a highlight for our family on this particular vacation. The hike up was pretty steep in places, but our kids are familiar with hiking, since we've done several long hikes with them in Hong Kong. There was no complaining from either of them and they were good sports. The sand and dust from the volcano was thick in places, but we came prepared protective sunglasses and bandanas to cover our eyes and faces. 

Before we came out on our hike, we talked to our kids about the different people who would try to convince us to hire a horse to ride up the path to the volcano. We'd read where the horses aren't properly taken care of, and it was evident by the way they were treated as they went past us carrying tourists on their backs up the hill. My son is convinced they need a cable car up the volcano, but unfortunately the current economy would not support that expense. 

The hike down was a bit faster for us than going up, but by the time we were back at the base of the volcano, our legs and clothes were covered in several inches of dust and grime. We all had a good sit down to shake out our shoes.

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