Friday, March 25, 2016

The Philippines - Banka Riding Out To Taal Volcano.

In order to get out to the volcano from the mainland, we had to take a little banka boat ride. My husband did a lot of research reading personal blogs of people who had hiked Taal volcano and what they recommended. We knew that locals would typically try to take advantage of tourists, and though I look Filipino, my knowledge of Tagalog was sporadic and we knew we couldn't rely on that. We knew that the price to take us over to the volcano via boat would be P2,000. 

From our hotel we hired a private van service to take us the twenty minute drive down to the water. There the driver took us directly to a prearranged boat package where we paid our money and got in our banka. 

When we got to the other side, a little old lady brought out a questionable board for us to walk on and we were taken to the spot that all tourists had to pay a fee for being on the volcano. Our banka driver told us he would be there waiting for us when we got back from the top of the volcano, and off we hiked.

We were thankful to see the banka driver when we came back to the base of the volcano, and we were told to give the little old lady a P50 docking fee.

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