Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We're Moving.

I've taken my time writing this post. There's so much to say and the words elude me at times. We've decided to move to Beijing with my husband's current boss and her husband. Beijing. A city I never really thought I would live in, but then again, I never thought I'd live in Hong Kong either. I approach these next two years much as I have the past two years. It's a new adventure for our family. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Hong Kong, but we really do feel like it's time to move on. For a second there we were all set on moving back to the States. Going back to the familiar and to comforts of life. My husband started applying for jobs back on the East Coast during this time. I'm not sure what it was that triggered my husband to look at the job position in Beijing. Ever since his boss learned she was moving there, she's been asking him if he would apply there as well. Then last week, my husband just decided to go ahead and try for the job. It wasn't as though it was a given that we had the position. He had to interview and talk to people he's never met. Everything happened so quickly. I can't stress that enough. The whole process was fast. Within days he was offered the job position and we had 48 hours to decide whether to take the position or not. We talked to our family members back in the States and to our best friends who we were hoping to have lived near had we decided to move back to America. In the long run, we took the full 48 hours to give the new job a definite answer. We decided to go for it to help boost my husband's resume as it will give him new experience. Now we are excited about the new change and we are looking forward to what our future holds for us. Yes, we have concerns about living in Beijing, but we trust God to provide for us.

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