Friday, February 5, 2016

Cultural Faux Pas.

We have enjoyed eating at Michelin star restaurants here in Hong Kong, and we recently found the list for Michelin star street food. After compiling a list, we set off to try some local cuisine. At a shop in Sham Shui Po, we ordered the recommended food item, and then my husband spotted an item covered in sesame seeds. Being a fan of sesame seeds, he ordered it and I noticed that the shop owner hesitated for a very brief second before she put it in the bag. We stood on the street by the shop to eat our recently purchased food items and saved the sesame seed treat for last. As my husband and daughter tried to take a bite out of it, the noticed that it was extremely hard and lacked any flavor. A woman standing next to us passing out pamphlets let us know that the sesame treat was really an treat you set on a shrine and offer to Buddha and was not intended for human consumption! We made sure to discreetly dispose of it soon after. 

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