Friday, January 29, 2016

The Fanciest Meal In My 37 Years.

The night of my 37th birthday, our family of four went to three star Michelin restaurant, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in the Landmark building on Hong Kong Island. We enjoy Michelin dining as a family, but we had never experienced a restaurant that had been awarded the coveted three stars. We left our apartment soon after my husband got off from work, and arrived at the Landmark building an hour and a half earlier than our 6:30 seating reservation. To pass the time, we decided a stop in at Laduree Paris for a box of macarons! 

Our family was the first to be seated at the restaurant. We were given a table for four instead of the countertop in the center of the restaurant. Our server gave us the menus, and we ordered two different dinner sets for my husband and I. For the kids, we ordered a couple items off of the A La Carte Menu. As soon as we were seated, we were also given a massive bread basket with a wide variety of breads. The kids had a fun time filling themselves sampling the different breads, while my husband and I tried to save our appetite for our 8 course dinner. 

We were each served the l'amuse bouche, with a variation for the kids as opposed to the adults. Once we had finished that, the kids were then given their main plate while my husband and I were brought course after course. I have never eaten so many dishes each containing so many shaved black truffles. 

As you can imagine, it was a pricey meal, but a very fun experience for each of us. The kids were on their best behaviour, making sure to keep their napkins securely in their laps and their elbows off the table. We had all dressed up for the occasion, automatically letting our children know that this was a special and rare occasion. I will definitely cherish our memories from this birthday dinner together.

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