Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Strawberry Picking In January.

When we lived in the United States, going strawberry picking was one of my favorite annual traditions. We would pick buckets and I would make jam or give fresh strawberries away to our friends and neighbors. As you would expect, strawberry picking was a different experience here in Hong Kong.

The fields of strawberries were divided up with clear posts telling us the prices and the country of origin. There were strawberries from Japan, Korea, and France. We were each given a wicker basket and a pair of scissors. We told the kids to get a few strawberries from Korea {the mid range} and we would primarily pick from France {the cheapest}. The strawberries from Korea were mushy and over ripe, so we ended up just two usable berries and were charged $7 HKD for the two. The strawberries from France were a little better, although they were either really rotten or almost ripe. Not too many were at the perfect stage. 

It was a fun weekend activity and I can finally check it off of our Hong Kong bucket list!

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