Friday, January 8, 2016

Mum's Not Home.

Thanks to Instagram, I discovered that there was a really unique venue in Yau Ma Tei called "Mum's Not Home". While my husband was off from work, we decided to take a day and check it out. Mum's Not Home is a cafe and boutique with a heavy bohemian-artistic influence. We walked up the stairs to the first floor of the traditional walk up, where we had to ring the doorbell to be allowed in. As soon as we walked in, the guy that opened the door for us, immediately recognized our family from Instagram.

The boutique welcomed us at the front of the store, and I perused the handmade jewelry and vintage inspired clothing. There were a couple tables constructed from slabs of boards, a handful of chairs, and many plants. A large section of the floor was taken up with a low lying table and woven cushions. We took off our shoes and sat on the floor where we ordered "Butterfly Tea" and a "Pineapple Barley Tea", as those were our only vegan options.

My boys played around on the guitar that was there and we made friends with the other people that were hanging out. The longer we stayed, the cafe started gradually filling up, after a few hours it was completely full, so we left to make more room for the guests. We definitely will be back, as it is a nice place to relax and the staff is so friendly.

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