Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How Our Apartment Was Designed For Easy Clean Up.

Our apartment, or flat as they are called here in Hong Kong, features some built in aspects that make cleaning an easy task for me. The first feature is the very sleek kitchen and bathroom which leads for easy clean up. The counter and induction stove top are connected seamlessly to the sink which allows me to dump all the crumbs and debris straight into the sink! I don't have to worry about things falling onto the floor and then having to sweep that up off the ground.

One of the great design features in out bathroom is the countertop.  The raised lip on the edge is unconventional from the typical bull nose you would find a regular countertop. On the floor of our bathroom, there is a drain at the base of the toilet. This allows me to easily spray down the bathroom with the detachable shower head and the water will just drain into the hole. Being able to hose down my bathroom when I am cleaning it has changed my attitude towards cleaning! I no longer dread cleaning the toilet and mopping the floor! 

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