Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Brunch At Cafe Deco.

During the holidays we took the tram up to the Peak and had Sunday brunch at Cafe Deco. This was our first time taking the kids with us, and they thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent up there eating off of the buffet. The weather in Hong Kong had suddenly turned rainy and dreary, so our view of the city wasn't too clear, but it was a cozy experience to be up on the top of the mountain surrounded in fog. 

The buffet is reasonably priced for a brunch buffet in Hong Kong, but for the United States, we probably would have thought twice about paying that price for a meal. I say all the time that living in Hong Kong has warped our mentality towards finances! 

The kids loved the games/play activities that Cafe Deco provides. Our daughter enjoyed having a woman dressed in a Spiderman costume paint on her hand and blow up a heart flower balloon for her. Our son stuck to the board games and though they are geared towards a younger age, it was still fun for him to play around on them while he waited for his sister.

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