Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Life Filled With Star Wars.

I've got two boys that I live with who are Star Wars fanatics. With all the hype of the latest movie coming out, we reserved theatre tickets at a VIP movie theatre here in Hong Kong. The night before our movie date, we came across the latest Star Wars Lego display in Times Square, so the kids had a fun time taking pictures with the different characters and checking out the different Lego creations. 

The movie was a fun experience. Black leather reclining chairs and unlimited popcorn and drinks made for an extra special treat. My six year old daughter spent all of her time in either my lap or my husband's lap. At one point we walked out when it was a little too scary for her and got a refill on popcorn. As an impassive Star Wars fan, I really just enjoyed seeing my family members excited and having a great time. 

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