Monday, November 16, 2015

Taking The Kids To Ocean Park To Learn About The Animals.

One thing that I love about homeschooling the kids, is the curriculum that we use allows our schedule to be flexible. Which means, that we some weeks we like to finish up the week early so we can participate in other activities once our work is finished. I have found that it is so vital to the success of our homeschooling environment if I can keep the kids motivated. Keeping them motivated helps them stay on task and is a continuous exercise in creativity for myself to find things that will motivate them. This past week, we used a trip to Ocean Park to look at their animals and to learn about how to take care of our environment as our motivation to stay on task.

While Ocean Park is one of two amusement parks in Hong Kong, it is also way more than just rollercoasters and fun rides. We still have not touched all the animal exhibits and all the ways to learn how to take care of our environment so that animals can also experience a great quality of life.

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