Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our American Thanksgiving.

We celebrated American Thanksgiving twice this year. Our first celebration was strictly a family celebration with our kid's Tita (Aunt) coming to eat dinner with us. I cooked the full meal which consisted of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, home-made cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn, roasted brussels sprouts and mushrooms, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. The weather was ideal, so we set up our dinner out on the patio.

Our second Thanksgiving celebration took place on Thursday evening, with half a dozen of my husband's coworkers. We recycled all of the decorations from Sunday, and once again, set everything up on the patio. This time, we ate by candlelight. Our dinner was a potluck dinner, and I was able to take our leftover turkey from Sunday and turned it into a turkey pot pie. We sat around drinking wine and saying what we were thankful for. I must say, I am truly grateful for my family, the adventures we are living, and for the friends we have picked up along our journey.

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