Monday, November 30, 2015

Clockenflap 2015.

My husband's love language is attending live concerts, an event we have been regularly participating in together since we started dating back in 1998. Now with two kids and almost two decades later, it has become a family event and something we all enjoy doing. This past Sunday we attended Hong Kong's annual music festival, Clockenflap.

Between the three main band stages, the movie theatre, the craft making station, and many more kid friendly activities, it was an event perfect for family fun. The kids did great, made friends with the other kids around them at the shows, and participated in as many activities as they could. We walked between the different stages, catching different bands performing. My husband had a list of who he wanted to see, and we managed to make to each band. At the beginning of the day, we had told the kids that they would be given caffeine in the evening to help them stay awake. The promise of that future drink was exciting for them, but after two Pepsi's our daughter was passed out asleep, having had a completely different effect on her than what we were hoping for!  

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